Top 5 Essentials for your E-commerce Checkout Page

Top 5 Essentials for your E-commerce Checkout Page

Considered by many both businesses and customers as one of if not the most important page to any E-commerce website. Although so important many web designers over the design aspect of the checkout as they are most likely focused primarily on the functionality of said checkout page. There are many errors that an occur when creating a checkout for your online store so functionality is a must yet you don’t want your customers to have a unsatisfied, lengthy experience filling out numerous information boxes which can look very unappealing to many online shoppers.

The reason being behind the importance of an online checkout page is that this is where you fully grasp the opportunity of a sale converting that customer or viewer in to a customer. So when they finally get to this page you want a swift, smooth and above all fast experience not only to fully secure the sale but to leave your customer satisfied of there experience with your online store, after all it is the very last thing they’ll see of your businesses website. To help higher your conversion rates and solidify sales here are Faber Web Designs Top Five Tips on all essentials your online stores checkout page needs.

1 Form Fields and Checkout Steps

First of all, the easiest way to increase your conversion rates is to keep it simple for the customer the easier the process of checking out the best, whilst keeping all functionalities in tact. The best way to do this is to reduce the amount of information the customer has to fill out, only keep the necessary fields available for them to fill which is the information you require to carry out payment, ship and process the order. Your checkout page on within your online store should not consist of more than page, keep information to a minimum only what you and the customer needs to know, remember you want to make this experience as simple and as quick as possible for your customer to secure the sale.

2 Account Creation

An aspect of many online stores that most larger E-commerce sites have resolved is the create an account option, a lot of website used to only allow customers who have signed up for an account make purchase obviously for marketing purpose further down the line to increase sales but once user were given the option to either create an account or just purchase as a guest many notice sales conversion rates go up considerably. Allowing the customer to purchase from your store without creating an account simply makes the whole process for them easier and most importantly faster which is what customer want in the modern world of online shopping.

3 Up selling

Although as mentioned before its best to keep your online stores check out page simple and limited and make it a quick experiences for users, that’s being said it is always a good idea to take the final opportunity of the customers last moments on your website to offer them additional products or related to products to the ones they are about to purchase from your online store. This as you may know is called up selling, its done in near enough every shop you would have gone in to at the check out so why not do it online. Its a great opportunity to generate more sales and additional revenue for your businesses online store.

4 Design and Device Friendly

Once you know all the functionalities are in order for your online storers checkout, you need to ensure that it looks professional, in keeping with the design of the website and attractive. As mentioned before it is easy to get lost in what a well designed checkout page looks like when focused too much on the functionality. Not only just it look attractive, you need to ensure it is fully converted to mobile and device adaptation. This is massively important for any E-commerce website as according to research at least 70% of all online transactions and purchases are carried out on mobile or tablet.

5 Payment

Last but certainly not least, payment. This is a hugely important aspect as you need to ensure the customer can make payment to you in the easier and quickest way possible, as of course this is the main reason why we are here, to increase sale resulting in more money for your business. The best and most functional way to make it a simple, easy and fast process is to offer the customer a variety of payment methods, you need to ensure they can make payment with all major card companies, PayPal and Apple Pay or whatever might seem suitable for your online stores demographic. More payment methods are bound to come up other the years so be sure to keep on top of this and offer the best possible options to your customers.

If you have found this spot helpful and have an online store with a checkout page that needs work to or thinking about starting your own online store all together please do not hesitate to get in touch with Coventrys leading Web Design Company, Faber Web Design.

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