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Welcome to Faber Web Design Coventry. We are Coventry’s leading web design and development company. Established in 2016, Faber Web Design have helped numerous businesses throughout Coventry and the Midlands get online. Our transparent and professional approach allows us to create the websites our customers really want.

Too many web design companies in Coventry don’t listen to their customers. However here at Faber Wed Design, we not only listen to our clients, we work with them to create websites that reflect their business. Our thorough approach to design, user experience and industry research delivers websites that work hard for our clients. The team at Faber Web Design Coventry have years of experience designing and building beautiful websites. However it is their willingness to learn and communicate with our clients that has helped make Faber Web Design the leading web design company in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Affordable Websites
Faber Web Design Coventry pride ourselves on being the most cost effective web designers in Coventry. We provide bespoke websites from conception to launch. A personal touch at the most reasonable price you will find today
Bespoke Web Design
Faber Web Design offer bespoke websites designed and customised to suit your business. Working across a variety of sectors we have delivered a wide range of beautiful websites that provide great user experience and convert visitors into customers.
Customer Care
Premium Service
At Faber we understand that changes need to be made in the future regarding your new website, thats why our designers are always on hand to provide any updates your website may require in the near or distant future.
Web Design Coventry – Faber Web Design

Based in the ever growing city of culture, delivering Websites of the highest standard, Faber Web Design provide a wide range of online services from bespoke websites for any sector of business to Online marketing on any platform. Our results are testament to the many satisfied clients that are thriving in their business sector thanks to the outcome of our professionally designed websites.

We pride ourselves on providing businesses of all sizes in around Coventry the opportunity to achieve their full potential with investment through integrated marketing and design. With the most affordable and reasonable prices in Coventry we strive to find a solution to suit any budget for an effective marketing package

Bespoke Website Design Coventry

Our team of experienced specialist Web Designers Coventry have come to together to provide state of the art technology in online marketing that continues to develop and with that our customers experience. If it is a trusted Web Design Professional that listens to your ideas and works with you to provide what YOU want, look no further than Faber Web Design Coventry.

Going the Extra Mile

At Faber Web Design we believe that the key to a success is simple “treat your business as if it was our own” When taking on any project at Faber Web Design Coventry we always take in to consideration what you want from from us, teaching us what it take to become a success in your business sector which put us in your shoes, making us determine to go the extra mile for out clients. Using this method has resulted in maximum customer satisfaction, giving our clients the peace of mind that their business is in the right hands.

Online Marketing 

Faber Web Design Coventry strive to provide maximum conversion effective Websites that have a positive outcome for all our clients when generating the result they want within their business. We feel our relationship with our clients is key to ensuring results, getting to know you and your business so we can work together to reach maximum efficiency. When promoting your business we make every effort to understand where you want to be in regards to online marketing, matching every specification. 

At Faber Web Design we believe your success is our success, that’s why we go the extra mile to curate Websites and online marketing packages to optimise and strive towards the success you want for your business. Listening to your wants, needs and desires Faber Web Design ensure positive result in an every growing competitive digital world.

Why Faber Web Design Coventry

Working with businesses of all sizes in around Coventry has provided us the unique experience that has allowed us to deliver on many successful Web Design projects that gives us the edge to ensure any client a positive digital experience. So if are in search of a Coventry Web Design Company look no further, get in touch today.

After the completion of your Website, Faber Web Design will always keep an eye on the performance and appearance, making changes accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency.

What We Do

With an experienced team of high quality professionals at Faber Web Design, we are able to offer a wide range of services to an array of different clients. No matter what your digital requirements, we are here to help.

The possibilities of a successful website are endless, giving you the ability to change your life and business. There are many aspects of a website that will make it appealing, from visuals right down to structure, but most importantly is user experience. To gain maximum positive feedback with regards to a website, you have to carefully plan and execute that plan in order to achieve your full online presence.

At Faber Web Design, one of our highly trained professional web designers will take the time to sit down with you personally to plan the beginning brief, highlighting the goals, vital information and visual feel of your future website for your business. Our designers then take this information once agreed of the look and feel of the website and begin to tailor make it, adhering to any new requirements or change you may suggest during the process. At Faber Web Design we pride ourselves on being one of the very few Coventry Web Design Companies not to use third party templates or pages builders.

Development Process

With the ever evolving world wide wide, it is of essential importance to develop any of our websites with the latest state of the art technology. With many years of experience and a strong passion for everything digital out team at Faber Web Design thrive to keep up to date with the industry and all of its practices and software.

It is not only our SEO team that is trained in online marketing, all our designers and developers are highly experienced in this sector, therefore all our websites are built with a view to be Search Engine ready for when you want to process within Google searches. We take a great interest in the development of our content management, researching thoroughly within every business sector that may be required, driving your new perfectly designed website to new enquires.

Graphic Design & Branding

The brand identity of a company is where the heart is in any business, that’s why at Faber Web Design not only do we provide cutting edge Websites, we offer a wide range of branding packages that help you create the look and feel of your business identity. Working with you thought the project to create a company image you can be proud of. These branding packages offer everything from logo design, letterheads, brand guideline, business cards and many more.

Responsive Designs

Mobile devices and tablets now equate up to 70% of the visits to your websites. Thats why it is essential to provide your visitors with a positive online experience on any device. We make sure every website we provide is fully mobile and tablet friendly in order to cater to all customer requirements, our Web Designs are ensured to adapt to any visitors device.

The purpose of a responsive Website is to adapt to the needs of any device, whether it be mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. So when the size of the screen changes the website changes accordingly to ensure a comfortable and technically sound experience for your visitors. With the popularity of Mobile web browsing ever growing is it a must have for all websites to be up to date and device responsive.

The Benefits

Having a responsive Website and a dominate online presence holds many advantages to your business. In the modern website industry nearly all websites are built in a responsive format in order to reach maximum potential, so by having your website built to be responsive you are in keeping with the times, making sure your website is still effective in years to come.

A customer seeing your website is responsive to all their devices shows a height of professionalism, whilst also appearing contemporary and stylish when adapting to any screen size. Not only will it completely enhance your websites visuals but become much more easier to use on the whole, allowing your visitors a hassle free experience, without the need to pan or zoom at any given time. Faber Web Design are highly train Website Design specialist when it comes to responsive Web Design, so get in contact with our team today.

eCommerce Web Design Coventry

Faber Web Design provide our clients with the most effective eCommerce Websites, using the cutting edge open source software WooCommerce, that converts visitors in to customers. Our team of highly trained designers and developers provide the technical know how to ensure a truly outstanding online store, that will change the way you sell online.

Our state of the art eCommerce platforms will provide many advantages when managing your online store, such as stock levels and orders, sales and coupon codes etc. All this can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office. Our platforms are simple and easy to use allowing a very powerful, user friendly interface modified for any solution.

Here to help

No matter what your digital online requirements, whether it be a full functioning eCommerce online store or simply a fresh new refurb for your existing site, Faber Web Design can ensure a solution for you.

Stage 1 – Planning and Strategy

At Faber Web Design, before any technical designing and development starts we like begin my really understanding your business, your product, your views and what you want to gain from this project. Not only do we want to be proud of our work that goes in to your businesses website, but for you to be more that happy with the outcome and what your online presence looks like and represents.

We strongly pride ourselves on understanding our clients and their business, no two businesses are the same. Whether your product is well known, loved product, or a unique exclusive product, we make sure you, your business and your products stand out from the rest. Faber Web design understand how important it is to stand out from the crowd when selling a product or a service. That why we work with you, to get the best ideas and curate a plan to achieve the best possible outcome.


Creating content for a website is a task we take very seriously at Faber Web Design, that why we go the extra mile to make sure we thoroughly complete in-depth research to every business to meet our clients requirements and also please google to hit maximum potential for your new websites optimisation. After content is complete we then go on to look at styles, colour schemes and layouts to match your target audience to ensure not only is your target audience happy but you are proud of the design and mainly to stand out from competitors. By undergoing the task of extensive research in to your business we are able to provide a unique design to your company which then can be carried on to the design stages of your logos and branding if required.


Once all of the above is complete, content, colour schemes and design etc, we then move on to strategise with you the clients and come up with a proposal we all are happy with. Our proposal will show the stages in which the design will be carried out, more in-depth structures such as pages, images, media, contact form etc and then finally a Marketing Proposal to gain the maximum potential for your online presence. Nothing will be carried out without your say so, until you are happy with stage one of the strategy and proposal. Any suggestion and changes are welcome during the process if required.

Stage 2 – Design

Now the designing of your website can start, making use of the extensive planning and research made in stage one. In order to give you exactly what you want, the team at Faber Web Design will carry out the creative design research, this will determined what is best for your business and your brand. With our many years of experience as professional developers, we know how to male your online project a success. At Faber Web Design we can assure you that our creative team will take care of all the hard work deliver on all of your online creative requirements. In order to put up the best competition in regards to your design, we will carry out competitor analysis before making final plans for the design.

Once we have fully established what you want from your Web Design project, and how to execute the plan in the best way possible, our Faber Web Design team will begin to build your bespoke Website, tailor made to your business. From the get go right til the end, Faber Web Design only offer the best in Web Design Coventry, providing a design for your website that is of the highest quality and efficiency.

Feedback & Approval

On completion of your project, our experts will present the final outcome to you and take in your feedback, and make any alterations you may require. Any changes and modifications from your feedback will be made before the final sign off period, so after this first completion meeting we will then go on to the final process of the development stage, putting the final steps to your project in motion.

Web Development Coventry

Once we’ve taken your feedback in to account and made all the alterations and modifications, our team of Web Development experts Coventry will then go on to go live with your website. In the process of this stage any problems or issue we came across before will be cleaned up as all modifications will have been put in place. In keeping with the latest web development and Google standards our team of experienced Web Developers Coventry will ensure your website will completed to the highest standard when going live.

Quality Checks

In the process of developing your website in readiness to go live, we at Faber Web Design ensure everything is at 100%, as our expert developers have a keen eye, only settling for perfection. This part of the last stage before going to launch is mainly quality checking just so we can be sure every problem or fault that may occur during development can be put right promptly. These checks consist of loading speeds, navigation, user friendliness and any links that may be required with in the website. Then finally we move on to basic checks, where all is tested making sure everything is fully functioning. And with with all content being written in house, we can easily and promptly get started on your websites optimisation, giving your website the very best possible start with it online campaign.

Congratulations! Your brand new Website is now live!
Stage 4 Post Launch

Although your website is complete and is live, there is still another stage we like to undergo here at Faber Web Design. Now your website is up and running at its full potential, the next next step is for us to work even closely with you to help you market your business in the best possible way. Even though our digital marketing packages would have been discuss in the previous stages, we suggest stage four as a prime opportunity to maximise on your social media, SEO and email marketing campaigns.

Online Marketing

Our Team of specialist online marketers at Faber SEO will ensure your business get to number one on Google. Faber SEO are Coventrys leading digital marketing company.

Check up

Once your website is live and operating at its full potential, our team at Faber will follow up with checks to discuss the process of your website and if necessary instigate any more stages that we need to go through.

This will not be just a one off meeting, Faber Web Design offer our full support, whether it be in six months time or six years time, if you have any quires or requirements do not hesitate to ask, we are on hand to make any changes you like.

Search Engine Optimisation Coventry (SEO)

The effectiveness of your websites search engine optimisation plays a major role in your businesses online presence. With a long line of pay monthly clients, we have a proven track record of SEO solutions both regionally and nationally. The main aim for a Search engine optimisation solutions is to provide as much traffic to your website as possible, which will lead to customers and sales. On completion of your newly designed website, we offer a no-obligation SEO package that will highlight keywords and phrase that you might want your business to rank for.

Online Marketing Strategies

At Faber Web Design we believe our websites are not complete to their fullest potential if a tailor made digital marketing strategy isn’t put in place. As the information was gathered during stage one, we will take research and utilise it to increase your websites online presence and visibility, gathering the most important key words to implement an effective online marketing strategy. Our online marketing campaigns consist of the best PPC, Social media and email marketing to make your business thrive. When your SEO campaign is put in place we will then manage it for you on a monthly basis, keeping up to date on the success of the outcomes making any necessary modifications along the way. We could not recommend our SEO plans more as we have many clients that find this very beneficial to their business.

Converting Traffic in to Customers

Now that all the above is put in place, your website is operating to its full potential and your digital marketing and SEO campaign is put in place, its time to convert that well earned traffic in to customers. As Google regularly implement new algorithms that will effect your website, we ensure we stay on top of all this and adapt your SEO so your website is not effected in a negative way. Not only are we the leading Online Marketers in Coventry, Faber SEO offer the best value for money when it comes to monthly plans to get your website to the top of Google.


Faber Web Design Coventry provide bespoke websites tailored to your needs for your business or company. Dealing with a wide range of different clients from different sectors our experienced Team of designers offer a full personal services from design to launch.

Creating Websites that Work

Fancy designs and aesthetically impressive websites still remain the focus for many web design agencies. However here at Faber Web Design, we have a different approach. Our focus has always been to create websites that drive business for our clients. Whether we are designing and building a large national e-commerce website, or creating a smaller tailor-made services website, conversions remain our number one priority.
Our unique ability to create efficient and engaging websites has made Faber Web Design the stand out agency for those businesses looking to gain business online.

Perfection in details

At Faber Web Design we work with you to build your dream website for your business, with as much input on the design as you desire. We want you to have a bespoke design you are proud of.
After the design process is complete and you are satisfied, our team of experienced designers get to building your dream website providing any changes you would like to make in the process.
At Faber we also provide an SEO service for your new website if desired, helping your website get to the top of google for key phrases of your choice in Coventry and surrounding areas.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Device ready.

    All bespoke websites designed and built at Faber Web Design are all fully compatible for any mobile or device, so our websites are easy to use on the go

  • Fully Responsive
    Easy to use

    At Faber Web Design we ensure all our websites are the most easy to use and fully responsive so you, our clients never misses out on a business enquire.

  • Graphic Design
    Image for your Business

    At Faber Web Design not only do we provide high quality websites, we deliver on bespoke design work for your business whether it be logos, letterheads, business cards or just whole new branding for your company.

  • Why Faber?
    Web Designers Coventry

    With online searches and marketing increasingly becoming the main source of business for many companies worldwide, we at Faber can sell your business from the comfort of your own home.


We provide the most affordable and cost effective Websites in Coventry and surrounding areas

Small Businesses
Basic Business Package
£800 / +
Bespoke Website for Small Businesses
  • Bespoke Design
  • Four pages or more
  • SEO Friendly
  • All Social Media Links
  • No E-commerce Feature
Buy now
Established Business
Full Business Package
£1000 / +
Bespoke Website for Established Businesses
  • Bespoke Design
  • Content & Imagery supplied
  • Six pages or more
  • SEO Friendly
  • All Social Media Links
Buy now
Product sales Website
£2000 / +
Bespoke Website for Products Sales
  • Bespoke Design
  • Product Listing & Discription
  • Product Sales
  • SEO Freindly
  • All Social Links
Buy now

At Faber Web Design not only do we provide high quality websites, we deliver on bespoke design work for your business whether it be logos, letterheads, business cards or just whole new branding for your company.

Faber Web Design was set up with the intention of providing businesses around the Coventry area what ever size with affordable high quality websites.

Now that websites, search engines and social media play such an integral part in the success of any business, we believe in working with and educating the businesses of Coventry and Warwickshire to help ensure they take advantage of the new online business opportunities available to them.

Our philosophy has always been to exceed our clients expectations. The websites we have built and the reviews from our clients are testament to this approach. Our reputation is paramount to our success. In striving to create only the very best websites, Faber Web Design is renown for providing the very best web design coventry has to offer.

Faber Web Design

Email: info@faberwebdesign.co.uk

Tel: 07517927790




Our creative open minded web development studio is located in Coventry. We’re always ready to find out something new and benefit your business.

  • Allowing business to thrive.
    Bespoke Designs

    Starting a new Business? Or are already established? Either way your business will benefit from a bespoke website to represent your company in the best possible way, resulting in generation of sales.

    Faber Web Design offers all the online services you need to succeed online. Our team of experienced professionals have helped a wide range of businesses make that crucial change to thrive online within their business sector.

  • Customer Support
    Easy to use

    Being in control is important in every business sector, that’s why at Faber Web Design we believe there is no exceptions when it come to your representation online, offering you the access to make or suggest change when and where you see fit, with our easy to use content management system. With the support and guidance from our Faber Web Design experts, you can be in full control of your digital and online presence.

  • SEO Ready
    Image for your Business

    All our projects and websites are built in view of having a successful SEO plan in place, whether you continue with our SEO marketing packages or not, your website will be guaranteed to take the next step in the promotion of your website, with our team of SEO experts and developers working closely with our designers to deliver on content and links that provide your website to thrive in your business sector from the get go.

  • Social Media
    Even more Platforms

    You may not have even given social media a second thought for your business, but with ever growing popularity and more and more users it really is a great way to find your target audience and convert more visits in to customers. This allows you to be available around the clock, given your potential clients a more personal way of communicating to seek your professional advice and or services.


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