Top Five Essentials for your Online Store Product Page

Top Five Essentials for your Online Store Product Page

Whether its WooCommerce, BigCommerce, WordPress or Shopify your businesses online stores product pages need to meet the same criteria. Although it might seem simple and straight forward there are many basic errors a lot of companies seem to make when advertising and displaying their products for their online customers, even things as simple as format and layout of the page.

Within this blog we will be looking closely at the dos and don’ts of your online stores product pages, after all aside from the checkout and payment pages this is near enough the last thing that your potential customers will see when visiting your website, it could even effect your conversion rates to make the sales you need. So here are Web Design Coventry leading designers Top Five Essentials for your Online Stores Products Pages.

1 Product HTTPS

Let’s start with the basics, this is an aspect of the product page that’s many over look yet is so simple and is easy to resolve. With any online store this is a must as its the first trust mark your viewers should come in to contact with on your online store in general. As some products may get lost deeper with your path structure, try to keep the URL as simple as possible with a category and a short product code so your potential customers aren’t confused or distracted, plus this is massively important for your websites SEO when wanting to direct your traffic to a particular product page.

2 Navigation

As you may know as a customer and not as an online store yourself you’ll know that navigating around a website with many products can be confusing and tough. There is always the option on the search bar if the website allows it but even then you need to know the product name which many might not, then in that case you need to make it as easier and as simply as possible for the customer to navigate around your online store. And the best solution for this is breadcrumb navigation, this allow the viewer to retrace their steps from where they started this normally links from the home page to category to sub category then eventually the product and is usually located in the top left hand corner of the page above the product image.

3 Product Image

This is one of if not the most important aspect of your product page, the product image. One of the only down sides of shopping online as a consumer is the unexpected, they know they like the look of the product or have heard about the product elsewhere but they still don’t know what to fully expect when it comes. This is where you have to put your maximum effort in to but your potential customers mind at ease and secure the sale by demonstrating and visually deploying the product as best you can and any aspect of the product that isn’t clear by image you need to explain in the description. Try featuring up to five images and a video of the product if necessary.

4 Product Names and Description

Like your product image the same goes for your products name and description. In order to put your potential customers worries at ease you need to be as in-depth and as clear as possible with all the specifications, sizes and any detail that might cross the viewers mind when contemplating buying your product. Its best to give a simple, straight forward name for the product yet making it clear of what it is and any essential details they need to know from the get go. Then it isomer than likely the viewers attention moves on to the product image and as said before, any details that aren’t obviously from the images or videos you need to make clear with in the product description.

5 Product Price and Discount

Aside from the product name and the product image the price should be the very next thing the customer sees, at this point of the process the potential customer is most likely invested in the product and the conversion process begins you need to have the price right next to the images with any options available or prices differ directly underneath making it as clear and straight forward as possible. Make sure to have any discounts or offers in bold or bright lettering either to the side or underneath the price so the customer know what they are saving or being offering thus enhancing your businesses chances of a conversion to a sale.

If you have found this post helpful and need assistance with your online stores product pages or want to make an enquires on how to start your very own E-Commerce website from scratch on any platform, do not hesitate to get in touch with Faber Web design, Coventry leading and most affordable Web Design Company.

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