Top Five Online Payment Gateways for Businesses

Top Five Online Payment Gateways for Businesses

With online businesses thriving in todays market, businesses are constantly trying to improve their customers experience when purchasing from their online store. No stone is left unturned when taking in to consideration how can we make the process of purchasing good online easier, smoother and faster? There are many solutions to these problems but what most businesses would agree on is the functionality of the payment process is a must for allowing customer to process their payments hassle free in one smooth, quick transaction. If you are an online business based in the UK and are in need of a reliable, practical, fully functional payment gateway, here are Web Design Coventry top five payment gateways for online businesses.


As far as simply fast and easy payments go, Paypal is at the top. Most people will be familiar with Paypal already as it is widely used for independent online selling with apps such as eBay, depop and Etsy. When you switch to a business account it is more or less the same straight forward process with higher charges but still a very reasonable and affordable platform for any sized business. And the beauty of it being so widely popular is that it is fully compatible with almost every online store platform such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento


This payment platform is one of the largest online payment gateways with in Europe and is considered to be up there with the likes of PayPal. It allows two types of services within the platform, the small to large business package and the Corporate package for larger businesses. Both services enabling users to use major credit and debit payments processes in twenty five different currencies, this includes visa and mastercard and also PayPal. It also allows you to manage your businesses payments on the go with its latest device app, helping you to keep on top of all online transactions in real time.

Amazon Pay

As Amazon seems to be taking over nowadays, with its new different forms of media such online shopping and streaming services, it was only a matter of time before they got in to online payment gateways. Although its quite new it has great potential to compete with the best such as PayPal and Sagepay. Amazon pay offers all the same features as PayPal, with no joining few and no monthly direct debit and is fully compatible with all the major online shopping platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Ebay, so your online store will be in safe hands.


Cardstream is a UK independent payment gateway platform, they enable user to take payments via their online stores either through the clients website, over the phone or mail. The positive of this independent payment gateway is that Cardstream have no links what so ever with any individual banks, therefore you can use them as your payment gateway platform no matter what bank your business is with, allowing you to integrate a perfectly customisable payment gateway with your website.

Apple Pay

Very similar to Amazon, Apple are dominating the market at the moment with a wide range of medias, them too also starting their own streaming service. So agin like Amazon it was only a matter of time before they advanced in to the world of online payment gateways. Apple Pay offers all the same services as leaders PayPal, allowing you keep track of your online payments via your mobile device and again at a very reasonable price. Apple Pay is probably overlooked when considering a payment gateway for your business and mainly used by independent users, but rest assure Apple offer a vast service that is likely to compete with the likes of Paypal and Sagepay in years to come.

If you have found this post helpful or are considering starting your very own online store or have an existing online store that needs a solutions regarding online payment gateways, get in touch with Coventrys leading web designers and developers, Faber Web design for all of your E-Commerce needs.

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