4 Way to get your Facebook Ad to work

4 Way to get your Facebook Ad to work

What makes a great, perfectly optimised Facebook advertisement? If you’re looking for a few quick and easy ideas to point you in the right direction you’ve come to the right place. Below are Faber Web Designs four main aspects of social media advertisements you really should consider when posting your first facebook business ads.

1. Make it Visual

No matter what platform you are advertising on visual content will always come off best and it more favourably amongst users as it is more likely to be remember and shared than any other form of content. So no matter what your advertising or what information you want to get across, make sure all your content and images are visually appealing to your audience.

2. Relevance

This seems quite an obvious one yet you would be surprised how any advertisement posts get lost due to poor marketing when advertising to the wrong audience. Most of the time you are spending money when your advertisement is being clicked on, therefore if you are marketing an advertisement that isn’t shown to relevant audience it is wasted time and money. This is made a lot more simple by facebook as it provides a advertisement platform that scores your ads and provides a relevance score and points out where you are going right and wrong. The more relevant your images, content and destination page is the higher facebook with score your ad, so you are pointed in the right direction.

3. Proposition

The initial proposition provides the viewer with a reason why they should click on your ad and why the should find out more about what you have to offer. This is just as important as the image that catches their eye, you need to make it clear why your product or service is better, why the reader should click on your ad and why should they go on to your website. Its about getting a good balance, you want to make it believable without over killing it, by all mean talk your business up but you don’t want to insult the reader by making statements about your business that clearly aren’t true, making an offer of 10% or 20% is normally a good way to make them read on.

4. Call to Action

These are the final stages of landing a good social media advertisement, you’ve caught their eye, they’ve read your proposition and have decided to read on. Now, what next? Your viewer needs to know where to go to get in touch or take action on a purchase. In order to essentially close the deal you need to add a “call to action” such as a “buy now” or “call now”. You can also add a “offer ends soon to encourage your potential client to act fast.

There are over 1.5 Billion active people on Facebook alone, daily users such as students, CEOs and a wide range of different businesses from a variety of sectors. Yet although the users and different clientele is clearly there in front of you, connecting with them is a different story all together and can prove very difficult. And it isn’t as easy as just throwing money at your advertising marketing campaign, Facebook and social media in general is all about content, so hopefully these four steps will help you to begin your journey in facebook advertising, good luck!

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