Top Ten features for an E-commerce Website

Top Ten features for an E-commerce Website

For any online trader an E-commerce website is essential, however it is just as important for said E-commerce website to have the correct function features to provide the best user experience for your customers. A well functioning E-commerce website should offer the customer swift and easy transaction. Here are the top ten must haves for any E-commerce website.

1. Payment

Payment is the most important part of any business for both buyer and seller so you want to make transaction experience as simple and easy as possible, you can do this by offering an option of integration with a diverse payment gateway and not limiting your choices to only a few. There are many companies such as Sagepay that offer pre-approved gateways that can integrate with you E-commerce Website.

2.  Shopping Cart

This is the final stages of any online store for the user, so you want to end on a good note. This is where your customer finds the collection of products they have selected to proceed to the checkout with. This might include a sign up option for new customers or a sign in option for existing customers, either way you want to make it a quick easy process for both.

3. Security

When every money or personal data is involved, your websites security is essential, having good security ensures that no crucial information is stored and allows the checkout to carry out secure payments through a secure gateway. All webpages within an E-commerce website should SSL protected, this means the servers are secure and protected using the state of the art technology.

4. Managing Orders

This feature is more important to the seller as it just simplifies the burden of keeping track of orders, cancellations, refunds and exchanges etc. It also manages shipments and and order fulfilment as to what the status of the order is.

5. Mobile Responsive

As 70% of online transactions are carried out on mobile or devices nowadays this otherwise small feature is essential. You need to ensure the mobile view is responsive and accommodates to all your product pages. You can do this by making sure your page builder is optimised to mobile and devices, this also reduces loading speeds making it a more user friendly experience for on the go customers.

6. Reports

This also relates to managing orders, you should have available reports on exports which carry detailed information regarding product orders, customer info and product reports. This proves very useful when seeing what is your best seller and what is not selling so well. Your E-commerce website should be integrated with marketing tools and analytics to help you keep track of this.

7. Logistics

Most customers nowadays like to keep track of shipping and have access to real time courier updates, so not only is this feature good for you it will keep your customers happy when tracking orders. You want your order logistics to be integrated with your website so it cuts out the confusion of dealing with couriers separately.

8. Communication

With customers wanting to keep track of every order nowadays it is a good idea to keep on top of the communication functunalities of your E-commerce Website, this means allowing notifications on your panel to ensure you get notified as soon as an enquiry arises, this might regard an issue, complaint or even just an update on an order. An Informed customer is a happy customer in todays market.

9. Content Management

You want to make sure your content is always up to date, this means product descriptions, prices, policies and shipping details etc, this is just incase a problem arises you know you are fully covered with all up to date information.

10. Imagery

You need to make sure the customer has all the information they need about the product they are purchasing, so clear imagery is essential ensuring the images of the products represent exactly what the customer will be getting in the best way possible.

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