5 Tips for Starting your Brand

5 tips for starting your Brand

High quality branding is the foundation of any any good business, yet the majority of branding tips you will receive from people or already established business is that uni need to remain consistent, or even better improve upon what you have already produced. Our advise is to have those theories already set in place when you start up with in-depth planning and having every defence at the ready for any obstacle you have come across with in your sector.

The latter part of starting up your own business is by no means going to be easy but you can make this whole process easier on yourself by having a good plan put in place and solid foundation right from the start. This also helps when you come seek the assistance of a professional for creative direction, such graphic or web designers. If your core foundations are solid and you have an exact idea of what you want and what you set out to achieve this whole process will be made a lot easier for designers as they can picture your image almost equally to you. Here are Faber Web Designs 5 tips for starting your own brand:

1 Target Market

The first thing you need to consider is your demographic, what market are you appealing to. Your content, imagery and pretty much every little detail of your brand should be unique to that particular market. You need to narrow it down as much as possible to create a niche within the market, the smaller the niche the easier your marketing is. Trying to target a market that is big and involves everyone will prove hard for your business and if you’re just starting out its time and money you can’t afford to waste. The idea of casting a wider net might seem like a good idea for better sales numbers but you will enviably become less relevant to any individual within that circle. Our advise is to start with two small key markets and expand from there, asking yourself the questions who are they? What are they in need of? How can you fulfil said needs?

2 Competitors

This is a a step you may already have taken, the more research done the better. A lot can be learned just from looking at how your competitors go about their marketing strategies. See what their logos look like, look how target and speak to their demographic and maybe even try and see where they are going wrong or how they can do better and use the solution towards your marketing method. It’s good to replicate what they are doing id that they are doing works yet try and adapt and build upon old ideas, you have the advantage as you are starting from scratch.

3 Stand Out

One of the first questions you’ve probably already asked yourself is what makes my brand stand out from the rest? It is most likely why you started this venture in the first place. It normally comes from your initial business plan for example if your brand is offering the lowest prices over your competitors it is a good idea to really thrive on that aspect and incorporate in to your branding. Or the other option is to really stand out with something more modern and cutting edge to really get your audiences attention, this is the more common method.

4 Identifying your Brand

Once you’ve done your research and gathered the information you need covering all bases, begin brainstorming, put the process in a faster pace by narrowing it down and envisioning your brand as one individual person, rather than as a logo, image or a written word. If your brand was a person, what type of person would that be? Really try to narrow it down, this will help you really identify with your brand and therefore identify what market you are setting out to impress.

5 Logos and Imagery

Finally after all the research and brainstorming you can get to work on your ever so important company image, these are the steps where you really need to take time and consideration to have a successful end product. This is also the time when you will most likely need the assistance of a designer to help put your ideas in place and make your ideas become a reality. As mentioned before the research of all the above will help no end when you sit down with said designers and go through what you want to achieve. Its not just about colour scheme and imagery, its about the message you want your brand to send and how you want to be represented within your sector.

If you are starting up your very own brand and found these tips helpful, please get in touch with Faber Web Design for any enquires regarding logos and design. We will help you on your way to getting started.

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