Top Ten Logo Design Ideas

Top Ten Logo Design Ideas

When it comes to your businesses first impression to your audience, your logo design means everything. Your logo is normally the first point of contact with potential customers, therefore it must show your businesses identity and be recognisable to your target audience. Your logo also says a lot about your business does and how professional you are, therefore is considered an essential asset to any company. It for these very reasons why companies companies take great care and consideration when designing a logo, here are Faber Web Designs top ten must and must nots when it comes to designing a logo.

1 Simple yet Effective

Many businesses nowadays are taking on the common trend of simplified logos, a clean, bold design that can look attractive in the right places and industries. Many businesses that have been around for many years are taking this new approach in to consideration and having old logos redesigned to fit within the modern market. This is indeed a very positive thing for designers and shortens the work load when agreeing  a simple design that the client wants and cuts out all the complications of visualising a detailed, intricate idea.

2 Letter Play

Another trend that has proven popular with modern businesses is the arrangement of the lettering. As a large percentage of logos include lettering, designers are coming up with all different ways of breaking up the lettering to seem more attractive or shape in to an image relevant to the industry. Although this is in keeping with the simplified ideas, designers say this is more complicated process than it seems from the end result, as their are many things to consider such as, fonts, letter combinations and the rearrangement, it is proven to be a very creative process.

3 Hand Drawn Logos

Even though as mentioned before the bold, simple designs are proving popular amongst businesses, hand drawn designs are also becoming a modern trend within certain industries. Some businesses in the more creative sector tend to want a self-explanatory yet, unique and well thought of designs that represents their business in their own vision. This is a nice idea for some industries yet it is a more complicated task for the designers, which requires a lot more effort and not all designers are specialists when it come to hand drawn illustration.

4 Colour Schemes

Traditionally it is desired for a logo to consist of a strong range of colours used in the correct combination, yet with more modern logos companies have taken more of a easy simpler colour mixture as it is better taken in by the customer, research has shown. Said research suggests that a bright mixture of colours distracts the customers of the purpose and message of the logo. Using two to three colours maximum is advised when designing a logo in todays market.

5 Traditional Styles

Slightly contradicting some of the points made above, vintage throwback back designs are also becoming more popular in certain industries in the modern era. Some businesses use this method to give the customers something to relate to from memories from younger days. This design process has to be well thought out and only some businesses can pull it off, as it is advised not to go too far with it as it may make your business come across tacky and cheap.

6 Shapes

Over the years it has been very popular among businesses to include shapes with in their logo. This method can very affective and eye catching if carried out meaningfully when manipulating the geometric forms. A lot of designers use various shapes to produce a relevant design to the business, such as construction company would have manipulating shapes to portray a building or a house of some sort.

7  Linier Designs

In keeping with the simple logo trends, it has proven popular nowadays to a simple yet creative use of line art. Yet in order to take on this method, you have to have a pretty impressive “out of the box” idea to be able to just rely on a linear designed logo. It normally takes a special kind of designer with a creative edge to carry out such a method. So if you like the idea of have a simplistic linear logo design, be sure to get a very experienced, creative designer to do it  for you.

8 Cropping

Cropping of images or text with in a logo can be very effective in giving the logo a creative flair, instead of just a plain and bold statement of what the company does, the simple method cropping can completely change the appearance. Yet this Idea may be simple if it carried out in an incorrect way the message or the meaning of the logo can easily be lost or be made unclear to potential customers.

9 Photographs

Thankfully this trend didn’t last long, the use of a photograph with in a logo design for most businesses has proved to give an amateurish feel, anyone can crop an image and put text underneath. It just doesn’t give the direct approach you want your business to give, a carefully constructed design with a creative edge looks more professional, like time has been taken to put this design in to effect. In some cases the adaptation of an image with in a logo can work, but this is rare. It has to be carried out creatively, and by a designer with accessional photoshop and photography skills.

10 Patterns

Pattern designs with in a logo can be very effective, but in the right industries. For example a construction company isn’t likely to use a repetitive pattern for their logo as it doesn’t give the right message. This method is more likely to appeal to bands, or media artist etc, industries more with in the creative sector. Yet when a designer take on a pattern idea, they must ensure it is eye catching and more importantly interesting, to keep the viewer staring as if it is an illusion.

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