Top Ten Benefits of Shopify

1.User Friendly

Shopify is one of the most user friendly platforms for retailers, with an easy to set up and go method. It is seen as being one of the best alternative for retailers who are starting out and do not want to invest in the complete solution of a e-commerce website, as shopify has no technical related development process to be able to use it and no hassle with hosting because the shopify platform itself offer everything software assistance to hosting that is needed to get started on your website.

2.Eye Catching Websites

With a wide range of templates, Shopify facilitates a unique opportunity to create a visually appealing website for your retailing needs. Shopify will start you off with simple theme with minimal content yet there are many developers that can work on your online store to fit your desires.

3.Application compatibility

The Shopify platform offers high standard customisation to integrate with your apps, in other words you can easily add features and functionalities to your online store to help your potential customers.


Security and reliability is one of the many main benefits of Shopify, as they take in to consideration how essential these two things are when running an online business as the user is dealing with confidential personal data with regards to payment transactions etc. Both these features are not a worry as Shopify are constantly updating and keeping maintenance within the hosting solution.

5.No Waiting Around

As Shopify is a globally used platform, they have spent much time developing loading speed so you don’t have to. Shopify has the most reliable infrastructures, allowing the platform to have super fast loading speeds, and when it comes to e-commerce loading speeds are essential.


Not only is Shopify the best way to get your business selling online it also has the marketing edge, offering SEO features along with advanced e-commerce analytics. Shopify also offers a wide range of features such as gift cards, discounts, coupons and email marketing etc to keep your customers buying.

7.Mobile and Tablet Friendly

The key to success when retailing online is not only loading speeds but mobile and tablet responsiveness. With the rates of online shopping via mobile consistently rising all themes and layouts used must be device responsive and mobile friendly and Shopify take care of all of that for you.

8.24/7 Support

The Shopify platform offers online sellers a reliable 24 hour customer support service, you access this via email, live chat or by phone. They will resolve any issue or queries you may have to help your store thrive.

9.Cart Recovery

In the unfortunate event that a potential customer places items in the online cart yet leaves without making a purchase, which according to statistics is over two thirds of potential customers. The shopify platform offers an abandoned checkout cart recovery service which will track an email market these customer that nearly got away.


Although Shopify have many payment gateways with the app, it also offers its very own which is powered by stripe. The payment method of stripe has no tranaction fees and you you will also have the benefits from lower credit card fees. Also No merchant account is needed.

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