Top Ten Benefits of SEO

Top Ten Benefits of SEO

If you are unfamiliar with the term SEO and you currently have a Website for your business, get ready to hear the many benefits of SEO that can majorly help your Websites position therefore your business. Search Engine Optimization SEO is the most approachable and popular, not to mention affordable form of online marketing, it truly is a must have for businesses with Websites in todays market. Getting started with your businesses Websites google rankings is simple, it can can make even the smallest of companies dominant in its local area. The benefits truly pay off if enough effort is put in. To put in simply terms SEO is what affects your Websites google rankings in online search for certain phrases. If you want to benefit from this in a business sense, you must be at the top of google for potential customers looking for your services. Aside from email and social online marketing, organic searches drive 75% of traffic to your Website, so you can only imagine the benefits of being at the top of google in your certain field can do for your business. To break it down here are the top ten benefits of SEO that can help your Website. If you find these top ten point helpful, visit www.faberwebdesign.co.uk to help boost your websites SEO.

1.Affordable Marketing Tool

With the biggest investment being your Website itself, your online search results and SEO is all that needs to be put in place fulfill your Websites true potential. Being the greatest investment for future marketing efforts, those cost effective efforts will invariably drive traffic to your businesses Website. With enough investment and effort put in to your SEO, all is left to do is seat back and watch the business come in.

  1. Increasing Website Traffic

The main of goal of SEO is send lots more traffic to your Website therefore increasing business. In order to gain the best result is by keeping on top of your SEO, the benefits grow when you’re always optimizing your Website.

  1. Visibility in Your Field

Treating your customers like no other and giving the service they deserve is key. SEO helps you combine the best elements for the right types of customers. It allows you to maximize on your your Website in your line of work.

4.Collecting Data

The World wide web never sleeps and is always moving. In order to stay competitive you need leverage data, yet data only generates from activity in your field of work and target market. Data tools provide great insights in Website traffic. In order to find out what elements of SEO work best for your Website it is good to have online marketing strategy in place.

5. Long Term Results

Although the benefits of SEO are great for business, good rankings do not happen over night, optimizing your Website is a full time job and in order to get the best result you must optimize continuously. That being said, enough time spent on SEO the more regular traffic is driven towards your Website and search engines regulate how people prefer to find your Website. This provide opportunities for customer loyalty therefore opens the door for even customers to come.


In order to appear more professional and legitimate to your audience and target market, the position within your rankings is essential, and given Googles algorithms, that perception will be accurate. Even though it is in the title, SEO isn’t just about the search. Your Websites content may even be linked on third party sites also. The prestige of the third party sites benefits towards your Websites prestige aswell.

7.Website Usability

Part of good SEO involves not only search results but the improvement of site architecture. The usability of your Website results in better rankings. Google and other search engines prefer Websites that allow a the best user experience, featuring the most relevant content in the right places help SEO in a big way.

8.Brand Awareness

The benefits of SEO go beyond immediate revenue drive, members of your target audience who remember your brand also drive future purchasing decisions. Consider how costly other forms of advertising can be, SEO is an opportunity for low cost visibility in your target market. Brand awareness is good leverage for great SEO.

9.Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a proven way to get results in many industries. Put simply it boils down to helping customers naturally coming to the decision to purchase. If good SEO is put in place, that inbound strategy sends visitors who arrives at your Website to naturally consider making a purchase.

10.Target Audiences Research

The majority of future online customers go through a fair amount of research for what they want before making a purchase, your aim is essentially making your Website the end product to said research, your Website should be there destination. In order to achieve this you must consider what kind of information you are providing when they arrive at your site,  the more helpful the content the better the SEO. This is also a key element of inbound strategy.

In conclusion, getting good results from SEO is mainly about natural selection. search engines are there to help customers find the best solution, your goal is to be that solution for your target audience.

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