Top Five Shopify Features

Top Five Shopify Features

If you already have a shopify Website you are most likely aware of the endless possibilities it has to offer, even with little experience and very basic knowledge shopify allows you to design and create a stylish fully functioning online store, yet there are so many features available that you may not know about or might not have come across. If you are considering expanding your store or wanting to take it to the next level and increase sales without the effort, here are Web Design Coventrys leading designers top five features for Shopify, helping you dive deeper in to your shopify experience, with advanced techniques enabling you boost sales and gain more customers.

1 Abandoned cart recovery

This is a very common issue, with the rate of cart abandonment at nearly 70% meaning an average of seven out of ten of your potential customers discard their online carts with purchasing anything. This may seem like a small issue but when put in that context that is a lot of potential sales your business is missing out on, you can check this out yourself by using the abandoned checkouts tab on your Shopify dashboard. How can you resolve this issue? If you download the cart abandonment plugin, you can easily generate an email system that send potential customers emails to remind them of the items they once had in their online cart but didn’t purchase.

2 Shipping Calculator

If you have your own online store or have had experience with running one in the past you will be well aware of the obstacles that you come across with regards to shipping cost. Its an obviously aspect of any online store but always seems to cause complications such as underestimating costs so you are left with losing out on profit or the opposite, putting your shipping costs too high and putting the potential customer off buying your product. This can be resolved by using real time carrier shipping which calculates the cost of shipping for individual customers with regards to their location also taking in to consideration size and weight of the item you are shipping to them.

3 Discount Codes

You may have some of the best prices with in your market and some of the best offers too, but what really attracts sales and even more potential new customers is discount codes, its basically selling your products at a discounted price to new customers but with a personal touch, making the new customer feel as if they and only they have got a good deal. In order to do this with in your Shopify store you will need the bulk discount plugin which allows you to create discount codes in pound value and percentages or better still, free shipping.

4 Shopify POS

This is mainly for Shopify users that are also selling their goods in a store, basically anything not virtual, Shopify point of sale is a Shopify plugin that enables the Shopify user to process payments physically with in the real world of selling. This process involves a card reader which automatically processes payments to go via your online store with in Shopify, therefore everything within your accounts and inventory match together regardless of where you get the sale.

5 Dropshipping with Shopify

This had been a thing for a few years now with the likes of Alibarba and aliexpress suppling businesses with goods at such low prices, yet even still the idea of drop shipping doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Dropshipping is quite simply the new way to sell online, allowing you to create an online store with the cost of buying in loads of stock, if a customer purchases a product from your online store, the order goes through to your supplier and then they ship it to the customer, its as simple as that. And Shopify is pretty much purpose built for drop shipping sellers, they provide a wide range of drop shipping plugin that will help you find a supplier and keep all your inventory organised and in one place.

If you are looking to start your own Shopify store or already have an existing Shopify store and want to develop it further in order to gain more customers, please get in touch with Faber Web Design for all your Shopify development requirements.

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