Top Five Mobile Advertising Platforms

Top Five Mobile Advertising Platforms

With the ever growing world of smartphones and 70% of all online conversion purchases made via phone or device, mobile advertise for most businesses is a must in the modern market. With so many opportunities for advertising your business online, you can imagine there are a wide range of platforms to use in order to take advantage of said opportunities.

If you are new business or a company that is new to online marketing and what to expand your advertisement campaign, here is Faber Web Design’s Top Five Mobile Advertising Platforms.

1 Google Ads

To no ones surprise coming in first place is Google Ads, being the biggest search engine in the world, it allows you to narrow your target market down to just about anyone, even down to the way they are searching whether it be on tablet or smartphone device as google can obviously be used on any smart device including desktop. With google ads the opportunities are endless, allowing you to advertise in a wide range of medias such as text and image ads, video ads and your normal and most popular key word ads.

2 Facebook Ads

Keeping google in mind as the largest search engine in the world, coming a close second with their numbers of users and members Facebook has up to gfgf active users, all ready and waiting to see your businesses advertising. And like Google Ads you can narrow your searches down to a very particular audience if necessary, which in most niche companies cases it is. Also allowing a wide range of media to present your adverts such as banner ads, streaming ads, video ads and post popular your basic news feed ads.

3 Instagram Ads

As instagram was bought by Facebook not so long ago the generally offer the same sort of services with regards to advertising, yet it is more likely to be more beneficial to certain businesses much as online services, clothing brands, maybe services that are more appealing to a younger audience and that being said instagram have tailor made their advertisement platform around those kind of businesses as it doesn’t offer as much in terms banner ads and native ads, but more in stream ads, video ads and product ads.

4 Bing Ads

Even though Google dominate the search engine world, bing still has a large market nothing in comparison but it still worth a mention as your advertisement campaign bugbear as a business could go a lot further on this platform as it is considerably cheaper but for obvious reasons, being the 2nd best search engine. That being said Bing still receives five billion decades every month so it is definitely worth and offers all the same services as google even when narrowing down your target market so it might be worth a try for your business.

5 Mobile App Ads

It is more than likely you have come across In-App Advertisements if you are a smart phone user, but very much like social media adverts it is only really beneficial to certain businesses offering certain services. If you think your companies product or services will appeal to a particular type of demographic that is likely to use said apps then this could be an option for you. Yet choosing the right adverts to show on what Apps takes a lot of market research and will no doubt come at quite a cost so you will have to have a very structured marketing plan with a high conversion rate for this method to pay off for your business.

If you have found this blog useful and wish to learn more or enquire about our services in online marketing and mobile advertisement please get in touch with Faber Web Design, Coventrys leading web design and search engine optimisation service.

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