Top 5 Free SEO Marketing Tools

Top 5 Free SEO Marketing Tools

Search engine optimisation is a big part of any online business, it leads to traffic which leads to customer which leads to sales resulting in more money for your business. Thats why your businesses SEO should never be over looked, whether you use the assistants of an SEO specialist or you are having a go yourself, either way it comes at a cost in most cases depending on your market and what you would like to rank for and what traffic you want directed at your website.

With that in mind we have put together a list of search engine optimisation tools that are free to use, allowing you to understand `and get a head start on your businesses SEO. Here are Faber Web Design’s Top 5 free SEO Marketing tools.

1 Google Analytics

This is at number for a reason, it’s a must have in the online marketing world. It goes without saying that Google dominates the world when it comes to online search engine, so where better to get your first hand research from. Google Analytics is second to none when it comes to providing top quality and in-depth information. Love google or hate it, there is no hiding from Google Analytics, pretty much all current and important data about online visitors, traffics and rankings comes from this life line.

2 Google Search Console

With just as much importance, running parallel with Google Analytics is Google search console. All paid professional teach engine optimiser keep up to date from checking this dashboard regularly as it offers some of the best insights.

Providing similar information and data as google analytics, yet put in a much more simplistic manner, making it a whole lot easier to keep up to date. Checking google console regularly enables you to keep on top of poor backlinks, manual penalties and spams links, allowing you to stay on the defensive.

3 MozBar

When it come to good search engine optimisation marketing tools knowledge is the key, knowing and understanding your traffic and potential customers is a must and Mozbar is ideal for that very purpose, allowing you to see the right information instantly. Located in the browser toolbar, Mozbar provides a instant report with all the relevant information for the website you’re visiting with just one click.

4 Ubersuggest

Adjusting your strategy to your market and keeping an eye on what your competitors do and essentially taking advantage of that is basically what search engine optimisation is all about. That’s why Ubersuggest an in one marketing tool is perfect for this very reason. This powerful marketing tool offers a excellent alternative keyword planner tool, allowing you to unfold keywords that will be useful to include within your businesses online marketing, giving you the upper hand over your competitors.

5 WooRank

This search engine optimisation tool may seem like your average free online marketing website analyser, yet when used in the correct way it can offer some very useful in-depth insights on your websites traffic and in no time at all. WooRank enables you to access a detailed resort within seconds of request. Although this tool is useful, like many of the free Marketing tools on offer is does come with its faults, but when working correctly can be used as a very powerful resource for your SEO needs.

Wanting to improve your businesses SEO? Get in touch with Faber Web Design & SEO for all of your online marketing needs, whether it’s a new website you need or Online marketing for an existing site. Contact at info@faberwebdesign.co.uk

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