Top 5 Buying & Selling Apps

Top 5 Buying & Selling Apps

You have more than likely heard of all the most popular selling apps around nowadays, from selling old vintage clothing to a package holiday deal for four, these commercial and domestic buying and selling application borders are beyond belief.

however, although the options and categories are so broad, the apps are surprisingly user friendly.  It’s as straight forward as taking a photo of your desired product you wish to sell, uploading it, then wait for potential buyers to start bidding. Normally most of these apps will help recognise and categorise your product therefore making it easier for potential customers to find, they also sometimes offer an automated response system which helps you converse with potential buyers at a faster rate. On the other side of things when searching for items to buy the apps normally generate a very specific search, and also provide a news feed like bulletin for items for sale that you might be interested from past searched or purchases. All this being said these buying and selling can vary, so here are Faber Web Designs top 10 buying & selling apps of 2020.

1. Ebay

Going since 1995 eBay is the biggest online market place and is home to over 147 million users. Ebay allows the seller to sell their items either via auction or by fixed price. Larger businesses with set prices tend to use the fixed pricing functionality where as the auction setting is more popular amongst most users. As far as selling on online goes eBay couldn’t be simpler, you just uploads a photo, set the length of time for the auction and the stating bid. Payment gateways that eBay allows are Paypal, Credit or debit card.

2. Amazon

Amazon is widely used by more established businesses throughout to sell a wide variety of goods, yet it can used by anyone using the Amazon seller marketplace. Anyone is capable of seller pretty much anything on amazon yet the amazon marketplace is widely dominated by electronic goods and books and other forms of multi media. There are many benefits to selling on amazon, mainly has its the go to place for a lot of buyers online with an active 200 million users worldwide. The only downside like other popular marketplaces online is it doesn’t come cheap to sell your goods, unless you were expecting to sell a big amount to warrant the monthly subscription fee.

3. Facebook

Sellers worldwide have found a new home within this social media platform, it has really come in to its own with selling second hand items. With over 2 billion active users on facebook already, this already stood them in good stead to start selling to their audience. Even if only half the users on facebook used the marketplace that’s still a huge number of potential customers. Another benefit of already having these users is that they already have accounts within the platform so this makes it easy to be sure you are buying from a legitimate seller.

4. Instagram

Like facebook, instagram is already a massive social media platform with millions of users worldwide so it was inevitable that this was going to become a platform with marketplace functionality. Although this feature has been put in place it is still earlier days for the app so expect to see a lot more buying and selling, with no doubt more features coming to use on instagram. Many businesses page are using this feature as it is so easy to use, you simply follow the link on the pages post and buy the item. In order to sell on instagram you will have to link your businesses Facebook account to your Instagram account and create a Facebook product catalog or you can simply use the product catalog on Shopify.

5. Etsy

This app is full of a wide range of different items from different sellers, there is no particular niche which makes this app unique and has proved very popular over the past coupe of years amongst online buyers and selling. The only difference with Etsy is that unlike other popular online marketplaces you will have to pay a listing fee per item whether the item sells or not which may seem a downside yet the charge is very little and could prove profitable if you get enough sales on there especially with larger more expensive products.

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