Top 10 WooCommerce Plugins

Top 10 WooCommerce Plugins

With WooCommerce still being the favoured platform to sell your goods online despite ever growing popular competition, there are still many things the WooCommerce platform can not do alone. If your aim is like many others, to build a powerful fully functioning online store you will almost certainly need the assistance of some of WooCommerce plugins.

A great thing about WooCommerce within WordPress is that there is almost always a plugin available for a functionality you may desire for your website or online store. When using WooCommerce plugins there are countless plugins to assists and extend your Websites functionalities to give you that edge over your competitors who are using other lesser platforms such as Shopify. Here are Faber Web Designs top ten WooCommerce plugins.

1 Product Slider

Sliders are always a good look whether you’re building an online store or just a normal website, it looks modern, contemporary and is a massive saver when it comes to page space, so when you have a wide range of products sliders are a must. Thats why WooSlider for your online products allows you to generate beautiful sliders for any of your online stores products. You may be able to find similar plugins that charge nothing but WooSlider products usually start at £25 a year.

2 Beeketing

The whole point of a plugin is to improve your websites look or functionality but most importantly to make your life easier, to take care of a variety of jobs without you having to manage them. That’s why Beeketing for WooCommerce is perfect for your marketing needs, its an all in one tool that essentially takes care of your marketing on many different platforms such as inventory, prising, offers and sales. The basic plugin is free but you can buy added functionalities if you wish.

3 Checkout

Online checkouts and baskets is an obstacle many would have had issues with in the past with their online stores, that’s why this free plugin is a big time saver. WooCommerce Cart allows you to display a beautiful, user friendly checkout tab, giving your customers a positive user experience when our chasing from your online store.

4 Paypal

With PayPal being the leading online payment gateway, nearly every online customer is familiar  with it, so using this payment plugin with give your customers the peace of mind that their payments and transfers are secure. This again is a free plugin and can be set up at PayPal checkout. An added bonus is that the customer doesn’t have to have a PayPal account themselves, they can also pay by credit or debit card.

5 Shipment Tracker

It is always a time consuming and difficult topic for both seller and customer when it come to shipments and when the products will arrive, that’s why shipment trackers are always a must have for you and your customers peace of mind. The more detailed your tracker is the better, customers can never know too much about where their items are and when they will arrive. There are a wide range of shipment tracking plugins available most if not all of which are at a cost, so research in which is the best for you is advised before signing up.

6 Checkout Fields

We would normally advise any online store checkout to be as simple put as possible but we understand that there is the odd occasion when extra fields are needed within your checkout, depending on what kind of online store you have. Or sometime it can just add more specifics to make life bit easier for both seller and customer, allowing them to leave notes for delivery etc. the WooCommerce Checkout field editor is ideal for this purpose but does come at a cost depending on what or how many fields you want to add, or a yearly cost in most cases.

7 Product Add Ons

Depending on what products you are selling, some of your items might offer the chance for personalisation, this will normally mean you need the customer to add them on personally when ordering from your WooCommerce store. Basic WooCommerce won’t allow you to add details on to the order so the WooCommerce Products Add on plugin with almost certainly be needed at a cost of £40 per year.

8 Wishlist

Like most online stores you will most certainly run in to stock issues, its a good sign if you are running out of stock in business terms but if a customer can’t buy an item from you at the time of viewing, it is always good to allow them to add it to a Wishlist for them to purchase at a later date, this plugin also allows you to notify the customer when the product is re stocked, reducing the chance of them going to a competitor. There are various plugins for this feature which normally come at a small cost.

9 WooCommerce MailChimp

Most online businesses are familiar with mail chimp, the email marketing tool that allows you to create and send marketing campaigns to your customers and your chosen times. WooCommerce Mail Chimp works exactly the same only with products and offers your online store might have. This is a great plugin for any online store to increase sales and movement of new merchandise.

10 Variable Shipping Charges

When creating an online store you might need to take in to consideration different variables your products might need to have when it comes to shipment and what charges need to be increased when shipping said products. There are many plugins available and different costs that allow you to manage different variables such as location, weight and quantities when shipping items to your customers.

If you have found this post useful and have any enquires about your WooCommerce store or any plugins it may require get in touch with Faber Web Design to improve your online stores functionalities and increase sales.

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