Top 10 Shopify Themes

Top 10 Shopify Themes

When it come to your online store the design and look of your website is essential. It can make your business leading to profitable customer conversions or break your business, so when starting your online store you are most probably eager to get going and drive right in, but it is very important you take the time to really envision what you want your website to look like and most importantly how your potential customers view it.

With Shopify being one of the leading e-commerce platforms in 2020 for many reasons mentioned in past post, one of the most crucial reasons for their popularity is their wide variety of themes they have to offer their customers. They have easily customised, user friendly themes on offer to almost any business you can think of, here is the leading Web Design Coventry companies top 10 Shopify themes available in 2020.

1 Basel

Like many of the Shopify themes available this 3.0 version is a multipurpose theme that can be used for a wide range of businesses such as electronics, fashion or catering etc. this easily customised theme ables you to customise almost everything with in the user friendly page builder. This is a great option for someone in need of a theme that is great for beginners and want that classic shop front look.

2 Banita

This is one of the coolest looking themes Shopify has to offer in 2020, again this themes is for a wide range of businesses providing for all your essential e-commerce needs. This new Shopify theme can be as loud or as subtle as you desire yet it would be a shame not to use it to its full potential as it offers such strong and vibrant bhjxgv that instantly draws you to it, a great option for a new and contemporary businesses wanting to stand out from the crowd.

3 iOne

This Shopify themes offers up to 12 template demos which offers great inspiration when creating your own online store. All include a sharp look with subtle out there colours all of which can be customised to suit your needs. iOne allows a wide range of unique functionalities that come with the theme such as sticky menu/toolbar, AJAX paging, fast grid change, quick look product view, lazy loading and many many more.

4 Foodly

Envato always deliver on there e-commerce themes as they continue to with this award winning theme for health and beauty shopify theme 2020. Foodly offers their users the opportunity to showcase their products with quality and clarity, also providing the customer with a complete user friendly and in control experience, purpose built in the design process of Foodly. This theme also offers a wide range of functionalities, customisable for any business who are proud of the products they sell.

5 Boutique

Boutique Shopify theme offer a very contemporary, cold look ideal for the fashion industry as the demo displays. Yet with its built in functionalities and wide range of available customisation aspects it offers user the opportunity to come up with a fresh new idea for any e-commerce store.

6 Wokiee

We couldn’t hold this theme in a higher regard, Wokiee offers the ultimate potential in terms of versatility. The customisation opportunities are second to none making each individual website built in Wokiee unrecognisable from each other. This really is an all round theme for any and we mean any business, so no matter what your sector Wokiee is by far one of the best Shopify themes available for customisation.

7 Shella

Shella offers the most when it comes to functionality, customising around what you as a user upload to your e-commerce store. Whilst regular updates are available with this theme offering new layouts and skins the functionalities just seem to improve with such features as slider builder, filters, custom menus and many more.

8 Material

This theme again is an all round multi purpose theme offering responsive layouts for your online store, ideal for all different types of business sectors. This Shopify theme offers a range of features such as detailed filter so your customers can sort your products accordingly to their search. Another impressive feature is the slider widget, allowing you to add videos to your e-commerce shop.

9 Logancee

This Shopify theme offers a great mixture of contemporary, clean and striking designs along with being packed full great features. Logancee also comes set with up to 15 homepage templates offering inspirations when customising your online store. This theme is ideal for online businesses that are most likely to use social media platforms to market and promote their business as it features a impressive range of social media sharing functionalities.

10 Home Market

This popular Shopify theme is the perfect option for any business with a big inventory, offering quick and user friendly browsing features for all your products. Other features include up to date responsive design layouts, great integration, custom menus/sidebars and a wide range of fonts. Very simple, very easy and a subtle look great for beginners.

If you have found this post useful and would like to start up or improve on your Shopify online store please contact Faber Web Design for any enquires.

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