How Faber Web Design Can Help

How Faber Web Design Can Help

With the numbers of self employment at an all time high in the UK due to Covid-19, a lot of these people are asking the question of where to begin when starting their own business. The main factor is business identity and branding, here are the some of the services Faber Web Design has to offer to help you on your way to starting your new business venture.


Marketing tactics and customer/client behaviour will differ and change over time to adapt to modern technology, and never has the consumer adapted so much to the digital age of the internet. Therefore the first steps towards marketing your new business aside from logos and branding is a website. A well designed, professional website represents your business on the biggest marketing platform there is, your website reflects the standard on services you provide. At Faber Web Design we throughly  go through what you want and how you want your website to look with you, so we can design and build your perfect website that reflects your business in the best way possible. We specialise in helping new businesses get started online, providing user friendly, easy to navigate sites that target your relevant audience, and with 70% of users and potential clients finding services via mobile device we make sure all our sites fully convert to any device.

Logo & Branding

These are the first and most important steps to starting your own business, your company image. Your logo and marketing material is the first thing your client will see so you want to make sure it reflects your business in the most accurate and positive light. At Faber we understand this isn’t a short process, there is a lot of trial and error involved to getting to perfect end result for your business, that’s why we take the time to sit with you and throughly go through how you want your business to be represented with regards to design, message and colour scheme. Once this phrase is complete the ball really starts rolling and we can take in to consideration what other marketing methods and designs can be used to help promote your company.

SEO & Marketing

Search engine optimisation can prove to be the best marketing plan for some business, this method of marketing basically gets your website to the top of google for certain phrases that are relevant to you target audience. If we have designed and built your website we assure your content is SEO friendly which will certainly help with your journey on the to top of page one of google searches. This is massively important to a lot of businesses in certain sectors, as 75% of online user only go for the companies that appear on page one of google searches. At Faber web design and SEO we offer a beginners package for new businesses that have had their website built by ourselves so we can you help you on your journey to ranking locally for your business sector.

If you have found this post helpful fin decided what methods are right for your new business, please do not hesitate to get in touch at info@faberwebdesign.co.uk for any enquires or to get started on your new businesses online campaign.

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