Drop shipping


If you are looking to break in to the online business world of selling, it is highly likely you will be taken down the path of drop shipping. That more than likely because of its ever growing popularity amongst online retailers, although the drop shipping process might seem quite daunting at first, its really is the easiest and most convenient way to sell online.

Once you understand the concept of drop shipping, there is no doubt you will thrive once the right product is found. Allowing you to operate as a retailer without having any maintenance, drop shipping provides the means of selling without having a warehouse or deal with shipping yourself. The retailers you choose to partner up with will manufacture and house the product and even package and ship it on your behalf, and ship them directly to the customer. All you essential need to is find a platform in which you will sell the product, with the aim reach big sale.

Finding your Niche

Finding your niche product to drop ship can prove difficult, you aim is to find a unique new product that has a customer base within a large audience. As the product you might find will be ideally new, it is likely they will be produced in smaller quantities, so make sure you do your research on your chosen products it is very important to keep up with customer demands to reach your making potential within the drop shipping world.

In order to find your perfect drop shipping niche that is ideal for you, you have to take in to consideration what sales categories you want to fall in, e.g clothing, toys, household goods etc. Also it is best to look at sales over the past five years in your choses category, to find out if that niches popularity is coming to an end or is just getting started. And finally look how cost effective the chosen product is, and take in to consideration how much profit there is to be made.

Dropshipping platforms

Although drop shipping may sound like the easiest possible way to become an online retailer, there is still one hurdle that play a big part in the whole method that you have to over come. That is deciding and building the platform in which you will sell your chosen range of products. There are many choses, that are changing everyday, most popular platforms are mainly Shopify, Oberlo and Doba. Yet although these platform have been proven effective, a lot of online sellers choose to have their own E-commerce site designed and built in order to have maximum control and keep their own maintenance on the proceedings of the sales. If you need assistance or have any enquires regarding building a E-commerce site or Shopify page, get in touch with Faber Web Design, the leading Shopify and E-commerce developers in and around Coventry.

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