Top Ten WordPress Plugins

Top Ten WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most versatile and user friendly platform from which to build your website. Whether you’re choosing to design and build your own website or hiring a web design Coventry company to do it for you.

We have put together a list of ten of the best plugins that you can use on your WordPress website:

1.Contact Form

With regards to easy access via email with your website viewers contact form 7 is the only plugin you will need, this plugin simply gives you the ability to have a beautifully made contact form that is easy to use for your visitors without the added hassle of any extra coding. Contact form 7 gives you the opportunity to keep on top of your potential customers emails and filter out the spamming with added filters such as Askimet. With over a thousand five star reviews and six million active users worldwide and a price tag of nothing, contact form 7 ensures a positive experience when keeping in touch with your website visitors.

2. Askimet Anti Spam

As all website owners know spam can be the bane of any site users life, Askimet allows you to retain the long term integrity of your website, keeping spammers at bay. Askimet has intricate method of filtering out any comments on your site that may seem “spammy” allowing you to review anything out of the ordinary. It also remembers past users that have left comments providing the capability to stop any re-offences from past spammers. And again this plugin like contact form 7 is complete free to download and use.

3. Yoast SEO

Very few search engine optimisation plugins provide a straight forward easy to use, effective platform, yet Yoast SEO on the other hand guides you through your websites search engine optimisation step by step in an easy to use, efficient way. Whether you have any experience with SEO or not Yoast explains and helps with key elements such as keywords, titles and h2 tags and readability to allow your website to thrive within search engines.

4. TinyMCE

This plugin is also known as Google analytics Dashboard for WordPress, this plugin allows you to track the traffic information of your website without having to log in to the actual Google analytics site. TinyMCE has many helpful features, even allowing you to simplify your backend WordPress layout, essentially saving you time when working on your website, making button searching on your dashboard a thing of the past.

5. WooCommerce

Although many are using simpler methods of selling online through e-commerce platforms such as shopify, WooCommerce is still a well functioning and popular platform within WordPress to sell via your website. Although the other platforms may be simpler, they do not offer the same customisation options and extensions as WooCommerce, offering a wide range of fully customisable themes that allow you to sell both physical and digital products with an even wider range of conversion optimisation tools.

6. Google XML

This plugin is essentially another Search engine optimisation platform that allows you to better index your website using a special XML sitemap. When this plugin is activated it straight away starts generating a XML sitemap that’s allows the easy access for search engines bots to crawl and index your website, so your well thought out content gets noticed and boosts your search engine rankings.

7. Word Fence Security

With the ever growing reoccurrence of cyber attacks and hacking, your websites security is a must when you’re considering what plugins to install. With both a free and paid for version WordFence Security offers you a wide range of tools to help protect your website from hacking and cyber attacks.

8. WordPress Super Cache

Nowadays when it comes to web pages speed is everything, the worst thing you can do for your business is keep potential clients waiting while your website loads, yet with WP Super Cache you can quickly and easily increase your websites loading speeds. WP Super Cache is a free easy to use plugin readily available for WordPress.

9. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

This plugin a lot like TinyMCE allows you to keep track of your real time traffic to your website without the hassle of having to go in to googles analytics website itself. This plugin allows you to review everything from organic searches, page views, locations and keyword results.

10. Page Builder

In order to build or edit your website, the easiest way is to install a page builder on to your WordPress website. There are a wide variety of page builders available on the market today most of which are free, this is most effective and easy method of have easy access to your content, dogging any complicated coding.

All these plugins are available within any WordPress website, if you are interested in having any of the above feature install on your WordPress website or wish to have a website built inclusive of these features, contact Faber Web Design, the leading Web Design Company in and around Coventry.

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